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Re: Why didn't any of the Exeter's crew beam down to the planet?

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(also, it's a bad episode)
I think the fright of the initial tease, and the conflict with Tracey are among the best of TOS; Woodward's intensity as villain and Starfleet captain are a prefect contrast to Kirk, and one can imagine that he was one of the best captains in the field.

So, what did happen to Capt. Tracey? Did he get greedy and was to exploit the youth properties of the planet or did he go nutty realizing his entire crew was dead? That could have a negative impact on your mental state. Maybe a combination of both.
He was not nutty. He simply uncovered the natrual immunization process of the planet, and--as the episode--explains--its properties were of a nature unknown to earth. He did not know how long it would be before a recon vessel would arrive, so he wanted to protect his discovery.

As a Starfleet officer trained to deal with potential and real loss, the death of his crew does not necessarily mean he would suffer a mental breakdown (ex. Matt Decker). Sure, he was grim when recalling the fate of his crew to the Enterprise landing party, but he was practical--aware of the bigger picture. That's why he could turn tragedy into a scheme to extend his own life / profit from the Federation.

I also wonder what they did with Exeter, it wasn't damaged. Did anyone ever say?
Nothing official. The last time anyone hears of the ship is in this episode.
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