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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I just don't want a solid date for this stuff. I get b5 was eventually going to destroyed. Telling me the date ticks me off. It should just be in the vague future, long after the show is over with. Deconstruction of falling stars is just something we'll have to agree to disagree about. I found it to be the worst of B5 stuck into a 45 minute episode. Future spoilers, propaganda, and a horrible future that literally makes the whole show almost inconsequential (who cares what happens in season 5? The earth is going to burn so badly it will make Mad Max look like a hopefully future). I HATE stuff like that, with the future becoming so bad Earth reverts to the dark ages. Its BS, so of course its the future of Babylon 5.

I've stated my hate of stupid propaganda stuff, and baseing it on stupid future stuff written in books doesn't make it any better. Making something "Orwellian" may make the "smart" crowd more interested, but its just stupid to me. I never read 1984 (there isn't enough money in the world to make me read something like that), but I know the concept and I hate stuff like that. I guess I just have too much faith in humanity as a whole, so I find the dystopian future stuff to be idiotic at best. I would think that would be pretty obvious at this point, considering how much I've talked about my problems with the propaganda and Clark's rise to power.

I also find the concept of humans becoming energy creatures ridiculous, but at that point its just something I laugh at. The human encounter suit was just stupid. Every older race doesn't need to evolve into pure energy, but even if they did I don't think 1,000,000 years would be quite enough time for humans to become energy. Still, the telepath war stuff is the biggest fear this episode and the first ep of Season 5 put into me for the immediate future of the show. I really hope we can get through the season without it, but I wouldn't even bet a penny on that.
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