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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

Warped9 wrote: View Post
The Night Stalker started well, but it became hit-and-miss as it progressed. It's mostly decent, but the very end is disappointing.
As a boy in the '70s, I enjoyed both the two television movies and Kolchak:The Night Stalker (1974-1975) television series. It captured my young imagination.

Anji wrote: View Post
So many good shows...

Lost In Space - A guilty pleasure. Not good sci-fi at all, but a lot of fun. Dr. Smith and The Robot? Can it get any better than that.

Space:1999 - I was struck by the overall design of the series. Clean, yet colorful. Maya was cool. So was Tony. Season 1 was good and I struggled with the series until the end.

Battlestar Galactica (1978 series) - Still my all time favorite. What a great group of people to be marooned with. Nothing but fun from beginning to end. Lorne Greene will always be Adama and Starbuck will ALWAYS BE Dirk Benedict!!!! The series inspired me to become a designer.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - While I watched it as a kid, I am only now beginning to appreciate it. One of the best, most intelligent science fiction shows ever made. Especially Season 1.
Agree Anji on your thoughts regarding these series.
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