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Re: Brannon Braga on the Borg in Voyager + his thoughts on the show

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Really? You're sure James didn't mean that Branon was lucky to be able to make TV when he's practically devoid of talent?

Dating Jeri is not the same as dating Seven, no matter how many props they stole from the set.


Chakotay: "You time traveling BITCH! You just had to plant your ancient wrinkled ass in my life and steal my wife and steal my happily ever after!? So the hell what if we only had two years together! It'd be better than this! Shes DEAD! SHES DEAD And I have to look at your ugly smug know it all face twice over apologizing for detonating her personality in the center of the god damned collective because the stupid ends justify the stupid means... This was your damn plan all along, shoot her full of that virus and then feed her to the Queen, it was never about my happiness, her happiness, you're just a bitter old twisted hag that can't stand to see any one in her crew happy for a single damn second!"

Admiral Janeway: "She had to die. It was the only way to save the galaxy form a Borg Apocalypse. And besides, Chakotay. You and I, we could never finally be together while hr ghost was standing in between us, I could compete when she was flesh and blood but you sainted her after death and closed your heart to all new comers, and I am not a damn new comer, I am your destiny and I am your one truest love no matter how that Borg twisted your value system, we are going to grow old together in each others arms or I going to blow up this bloody damn ship."

Chakotay: "And what about you Kathryn, is that how you feel as well, the same as this prune of a woman? Great minds think alike!? You're going to let her manipulate you like this and take me into the future to use as some sort of sextoyboy?"

Captain Janeway: "Well I thought that you would make a good father, if we were going to stay out there much longer I was considering having a child with you, but no, I do not have any romantic feelings for you at all, so I'm as surprised as you are that FutureMe, turned the universe upside down and murdered a woman I considered my daughter all to just dupe you into the sack, but she destroyed the Borg. A fair wage for a fair days work. If I wasn't about to kill her, I'd be inclined to insist that you shuffle off to the 25th century with her."
If that dialogue exchange had taken place, Endgame would easily trump What You Leave Behind and All Good Things... as my favorite Star Trek finale
"Brace yourself. The area of penetration will no doubt be sensitive." - Mr. Spock, The Immunity Syndrome
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