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Trek Keyboards

So while the fire department puts out the gas boiler thats on fire over the road a thought crossed my mind.

Why dont we have more LCARS keyboards?

The traditional keyboard layout is adopted from type writers because when they where common place, it was the only layout that stopped the character hammers from getting tangled when typing relatively fast. The layout was translated into the PC world for familiarity and ease of transition.

But lets face it, the world changes. Voice recognition software is coming along and keyboards are becoming less and less important. So why not compact them, and change them to something more versatile like the LCARS type controls?

Sure, you can still use your generic old school keyboard but its time for a change and the entire way computers are being used is leaning more and more towards touch interfaces, so the traditional keyboard is soon going to find itself in a world where its no longer required. Why not make that change sooner?
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