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Re: TOS Caption Contest #271: The Tholian Caption

McCoy: "Damnit, Spock! You can't simply reattach a man's head by placing it atop his body. There are all kinds of nerves and arteries and things that have to be surgically reattached."

Spock: "'Things'? Really doctor. You almost had me convinced until then."

Spock: "Furthermore, continued connecting of the waste disposal system to the spray tanning booths will not be tolerated."

Ensign Camisa-Roja: <barfs in Uhura's lap>

McCoy: "Spock, I think Jim's lost it. Orders or no orders, I'm not massaging a Klingon's prostate."

Kirk: "I can still see and hear you.

<off screen> McCoy: "Nurse, is Mr. Chekov here for a tonsillectomy or a vasectomy? Aw, screw it. We'll just do both."

Running with Jonas Grumby's idea...

Scotty: "Tranya? Ach, I thought you said you had 'trannies' in your quarters!"

Spock: "And yet you came anyway. Fascinating."
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