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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

That's my thought as well - like I keep thinking - either he's got a whole factory of computer controlled JARVIS things building all those suits - or he's been getting some trusted guys from SI to help. I keep thinking maybe that's how we'll get Hank Pym or Scott Lang for Ant Man.

Because really it hasn't been all THAT long between Avengers and Iron Man 3 as it? Like only what? Less than a year at most? I like the new Silver Centurion armor though - beats thinking that the suitcase suit was that.

Although the more I see of the main movie suit in the trailers and how it works - I feel better about it - a lot of gold - but think of the Mark 5, it's mostly silver with a little gold, probably really this suit's direct predecessor really. Something compact and modular that can deploy quickly without the need for an undersuit or something.

The movie armors have held a sort of odd combination of the more modern suits that were basically like full on suits that you had to literally step into or be bolted into like in the Ultimate Marvel Universe and the classic "616" armors that were more modular and could deploy around him or collapse down and had to be put on one piece at a time.

Now that Marvel put up the video of Pepper getting Tony's suit around her - like that internationa trailer had - I wonder how soon it'll be before they decide to write in Pepper having her own armor somewhere. Like at the end of the movie, Tony shows off a suit of more female shapely armor and Pepper makes some comment like "So what? I wear your suit once and now I'm a super hero?"
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