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Gary Seven doesn't work for Starfleet, seeing as how he lived in the 1960s.
Presumably Gary Seven was from the future, since he had intimate details of when the Vulcans integrated with Humans, etc... In fact, one could conjecture that he was part of the same organization as the "temporal police" (or whatever they were called -- I didn't watch Enterprise).
That really doesnt't make sense, someone from the future serving as the watchdog that prevents nuclear war. If that requires someone from the future, than that implies nuclear war is what's supposed to happen, and time travel laws should forbid Gary Seven's presence.
But if history records a nuclear war not occurring until the mid-21st century, it makes perfect sense for him to try and stop it from happening in the 1960s.

According to Roddenberry's original script, albeit unrelated to Star Trek at the time (from

Gary Seven is a man sent back in time from the 24th century, the only Earth man to ever survive the transit.
As for claiming to be from the 1960s, it's possible that he was "recruited" by agents from the future. Although, it's also possible he simply lied to Kirk et al. because of a "need to know" basis (e.g. he came from even further in the future, and couldn't risk them being tempted to know what happens).
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