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feek61 wrote: View Post
The thing more disturbing to me is in "The Omega Glory" when Kirk says that the "Exeter" had been patrolling in that area 6 months ago; he hadn't heard of any trouble. Really? No contact with Starfleet for six months and nobody was worried or sent a ship to investigate its disappearance? The "Enterprise" just by chance ran into the "Exeter" That is bizzare. Maybe they learned their lesson since they DID send the "Enterprise" out to search for the "Defiant" in the episode "The Tholian Web"
Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
Indeed, somebody at Starfleet should have worried ("one of our 12 starships is missing!"). But I found most of the script for this particular episode disturbing.

I agree completely, I just said so in this thread I find the whole episode disturbing.

As far as the patch itself, I don't think it holds up well to close up veiwing. It reminds me too much of something my grandmother would have with the thread swirls. But thanks for posting, it's interesting to see. It's very pretty.
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