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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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@Merlanthe-My commentary on 5x3 was that so far the Ancients are most powerful race mentioned. The Asgards are the most powerful with which we've been allied.
The humanoid race that is transcending to a higher plane though has a very strict Prime Directive for a non-coporeal race(who at once were coporeal since that character chose to "step down" to that plane and give up his powers.

Now I did in a later episode write up switch the two up Ancients and Asgards but I went back and edited that post.
Ancients, Asgards, Apophis, Anubis---got to keep all the "A" characters straight.

Thanks for the spoiler code Lindley, I'm guessing that's a response to help answer something else in the thread that I shouldn't read yet.
So you meant Ancients not Asgard. Thanks for clearing that up though in your commentary for 5x1 (same post as 5x3) you refer to the 'robotic spiders that the Ancients fear so much'. I assume you meant Asgard there which is why i was confused about which race you meant in your commentary for 5x3 (my fave episode yaay) and also why i said youd been referring to Asgard as Ancients for the last couple pages.

I did read this thread all in one late at night so the 2 instances of refering to Asgard as Ancients probably multiplied in my sleep deprived mind sorry

Also no you definitely shouldnt read what Lindley put as its a spoiler that serves no purpose other than to state the obvious to anyone who has already seen the series in its entiriety. I assume since Lindley felt the need to remind of this that he thought my post was somehow spoilerish even though it isnt.
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