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Re: The Netflix Thread

What's frustrating sometimes with Netflix - that has nothing to do with Netflix and more with me - every friggin' time I decide "I'm going to buy that season of that show on DVD because it's cheap and I dunno how long it'll be before Netflix gets it and I want it now!" they put it on Netflix like 3-4 weeks after I buy it!

Case in point the last season of Weeds - I thought "Well maybe it'll be a while before it's up on Netflix - took them ages to get past Season 3, sure Season 7 came out pretty quick, but that could have been a fluke." Hah oh well. DVD still sort of trumps streaming if you like a show since obviously you don't get the special features, commentaries or bonus content from retailers like Target or Best Buy when they toss in an extra disk.

But it took them months to get Mad Men season 5 on Instant Stream - so it's sort of weird how some take longer and others are up practically in time with the physical release, short of a few weeks - even like Archer Season 3, that took a few months but still, it was a lot faster than their getting Season 2 up.

I love my Netflix subscription - sure they have a lot of 'meh' movies and tv shows too - but there's so much content that really if anyone runs out of stuff to watch, has a very narrow interest in movies and tv or judges it on a few weeks of using it and only looks at the main page and goes "eh nothing I want to watch" - there's a lot of good stuff hidden around too.

Honestly now that I have a Roku box in my bedroom, I hardly use the cable box in there anymore. Now that Time Warner has a Roku app for quite a few stations and all I'm waiting for is their On Demand to get an app like they have for iPad/Android/PC I would really consider dumping my second cable box. Between Netflix, TWC and Vudu - if there's something I REALLY want to see or get a freebie - or there's a show that isn't up on Netflix yet and I figure - frak it I'll just buy it.

Now the thing that we really need to work on as a WORLD - is making broadband internet ubiquitous and cheap - I feel sorry for my friends in Canada or Australia where they're kinda stuck with data caps and expensive internet.
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