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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x09 "The Measure Of A Man"

I asked last week which version of this we would be watching and reviewing. No answer, no problem, I have had great pleasure watching each version of this episode. CBS have outdone themselves here - it's great to see how 45 minutes worth of television is put together - what makes the final cut and what (unfortunately) ends up on the cutting room floor. I also loved hearing the stand-in voices for the logs and computer in the hybrid version. That said, I think I will stick to the 'as broadcast' version in future as I think that what was cut isn't really missed.

Some observations;
* The first time we see a poker game? What is that visor that Data wears for anyway?
* I'd have loved to find out more about Picard and Lovois' history. I love her line "It brings a sense of order and stability to my universe to know you're still a pompous arse"
* Never noticed the reference to the Borg before now - there is continuity in early TNG if you look hard enough!
* The scene in Ten Forward with Picard & Guinan talking about slavery is perhaps my favourite of the entire series run.

One negative of the HD upgrade is the vfx. I've been saying this all through season two, it may be a sign of how much CBS spoiled us in the first season but it is a shame that one of the best episodes of TNG's run will always have the undetailed two-foot Enterprise orbiting a space station.

Didn't Voyager try and emulate Measure of a Man using The Doctor? I remember that falling flat.
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