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Re: Next Microsoft OS "Windows Blue" leaked online

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That is a terrible name. That just makes me think of blue screen of death. A whole operating system based around the BSOD.
Probably part of the naming scheme that brought us Windows Azure.

This is interesting, looks like it's an update for Windows 8 rather than a new OS. I've had a bit of experience with Windows 8 recently, setting up a laptop for a cousin and then a new PC for my parents, and I have to say I can see it working for my parents, I can see it working on a tablet for myself, but I can't see it being anything I want to run on a desktop or laptop.
So much so, in fact, that I need a new laptop myself and in my head Windows 8 isn't even an option. I'm either try and grab a windows 7 while still available or get a Windows 8 one and install Ubuntu or Mint on there.
The other option is a Chromebook, which hadn't really been something I'd considered until MS decided Windows 8 was the future.
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