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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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Hondo was in season 5 a shitload in the beginning. Sing is nothing but a bland background character, so nothing else needs to be done with her.
That's a fair opinion, I'm just trying to reconcile with what Lucasarts won't be able to wrap up for us.

Set Harth wrote: View Post
billcosby wrote: View Post
I'm now trying to figure out which episodes contain the final appearances of Sing and Hondo. Neither of them were in season 5 at all, were they? Does anyone know?
Sing: Hunt for Ziro (S3)
Hondo: Revival (S5)
Sorry guys, it was mighty late when I posted. I meant to say Cad Bane, since that's one of the characters that we aren't getting a proper conclusion. Thanks for the info!

So Hunt For Ziro was Sing's last appearance? Will have to check it out. I remember she made a comeback in Assassin. I think Cad Bane's must have been the final part of the Obi Wan "undercover" arc.

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Aurra Sing has always been background fodder, but let's face facts: the Star Wars universe thrives on background fodder. At least the merchandising based on it does.

If they stopped making Star Wars action figures of anybody or anything that wasn't a significant character with importance to the script the entire business would die off pretty quickly. There are only so many versions of Harrison Ford in his smugger outfits that folks can stand.
Most certainly. And TCW excelled at this, it was such a special treat to give voices/stories to all of these great characters!

Except for Wat Tambor.

When you mentioned the Ford versions I thought to going past the toy aisle and seeing rows and rows and rows of Bumblebee transformers on pegs.

I wonder if spamming Bob Iger will make a difference. Sending him the band Anthrax certainly sounds amusing but I'm not sure harassing Disney would amount to anything.
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