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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

@Merlanthe-My commentary on 5x3 was that so far the Ancients are most powerful race mentioned. The Asgards are the most powerful with which we've been allied.
The humanoid race that is transcending to a higher plane though has a very strict Prime Directive for a non-coporeal race(who at once were coporeal since that character chose to "step down" to that plane and give up his powers.

Now I did in a later episode write up switch the two up Ancients and Asgards but I went back and edited that post.
Ancients, Asgards, Apophis, Anubis---got to keep all the "A" characters straight.

Thanks for the spoiler code Lindley, I'm guessing that's a response to help answer something else in the thread that I shouldn't read yet.

6x3-Descent: Or what I'd like to think should be subtitled "The Return of Thor pt.1". So the Gou'ald mothership of Anubis that Thor had been tortured on and patched into it's systems has appeared in Earth orbit(although they don't know this right away). It seems Thor's conscience has taken control of the ship. Anubis had to flee the ship but set it to self destruct which Thor stopped and then redirected himself to Earth(although I have to wonder why not back to the Asgard fleet? Busy with Replicators?) The surprise is that despite having scanned the ship for lifesigns and found none Anubis left some Jaffa aboard to make sure the ship detonated. They were in Kel'nor Re(is that close? the deep sleep) which is why the sensors didn't detect them.

The Jaffa are able to direct the ship into Earth's orbit where it crashes into the Arctic Ocean. SG-1 is trapped with the Gou'ald mothership starting to fill with water. It's about now that they connect the dots and realize Thor is in control of the ship. They seek to retrieve his conscience from the computer and see about "downloading" him into a new cloned body. The team escapes in some gliders. I really liked this episode. Jonas is stil trying to fit in and his gimmick it seems, for this episode, is that goof grin of doing something for the first time.

6x4-Frozen: It's funny enough that the episode had an X-Files vibe to it with the "trapped in the ice contagion in the Arctic" but then it has actor Bruce Harwood of X-Files famed Lone Gunmen in it. That couldn't have been a coincidence could it? Then I see our guest doctor Francine Michaels and realize she looks very familiar but I can't place her. So when I IMDB her after the episode it's Venus Terzo who I know from voice work as Blackarachnia in Transformers Beast Wars(and met at BotCon 2002) and Jean Grey in X-Men shows among others.

My enjoyment with casting aside the episode throws the placement of humans on Earth into quite a topsy turvy situation when a humanoid is found buried in the ice, essentially in a state of suspension. She can't communicate directly but her unthawing unleashes some type of fast acting virus akin to Meningitis according to Dr.Frasier. Our new friend, Ayana, seems to realize she is the cause of this and realizing the kindness they dealt her does so in return. Apparently she can heal our infected SG-1 and research team. Doing so causes her harm though. Carter, Michaels and Frasier are all trying to hypothesize the ramifications of who she is, how seemingly human and yet 50 million years old and bouncing around the Antarctic when it was part of Pangea!! The big question this raises is, as stated by Carter, we had thought all the human-esque races we've been meeting were all there cause they were displaced humans from Earth via the Gou'ald and the Stargate. Ayana, however, might mean that humans ON Earth are not native! O'Neill says Darwin would be crused. She ends up dying while saving everyone....except Col. O'Neill who is in dire shape. The Tok'ra offer him a chance to join with them, which he refuses. However, he's taken anyway at episodes end anyway.
So it's a giant ass cliffhanger without actually saying "To Be Continued".

The one question I would still have about the "where did humans come from" then would be: What about Neanderthals? Is this why no definitive "missing link" has surfaced? Where Neanderthals then the native species on the planet that transplanted humans then killed out? Even still Neanderthals were pretty close to "humans" if "humans" were indeed alien? We are seeing variations in "human"(humanoid or humanesque) physiology. Are those do to environmental factors? Someone playing us like lab rats and altering DNA and dropping us like test tubes around the galaxy? All same starting point but different points along the evolutionary ladder? Afterall Jackson seemed to transcend like that one race?

All 4 episodes on this first disc of Season 6, first one on Sci-Fi channel were great imo!! Great start!!
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