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Re: When exactly did Marla McGivers die?

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. . . (And Timo is right; even the idea that Khan and his followers were genetically-engineered is something of a retcon. "Space Seed" only mentions selective breeding.)
Naturally, since genetic modification as we understand it has only been a reality since the 1980s. Traditional "positive eugenics" (selective breeding) is a comparatively slow and inefficient way of creating a race of superhumans.
Genetic engineering is a fancier term for what humans have been doing ever since they discovered how to manipulate food plants (ie. thousands of years). Selective breeding is just another name for it, as well. No retcon there.
True, but nowadays, and especially in an sf context, "genetic engineering" usually refers to scientists tinkering around with DNA in a lab. As opposed to eugenic breeding programs of the sort discussed in "Space Seed."

Granted, the use of the term "controlled genetics" allows for a bit of wiggle room.
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