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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Good episode.

The parallels between the show and the comic are pretty close at times just in a different order and different people.

For instance I predict the same fate will befall Beth and Judith the same way it did with Lori and Judith in the comic with next week's events.

I hope the season finale ends the Governor's story line as to me it's dragging on too long.

I think Woodbury with be the Comic's Alexandria.
Please Use spoiler code for Spoilers, many of us haven't read the comics.
I predict, I hope and I think are spoilers?
Just because an event happened in the comic doesn't mean it will happen on the show.

For instance the whole Morgan story was barley even the same as what happened in the comic.

AND if you haven't read the comic then how can you be spoiled if you have no idea what happened in them?
You just spit out that Lori and baby died together in the comics, with no warning whatsoever, that's a spoiler.
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