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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I was disappointed in Rick for deciding to give up Michonne, but at least he ultimately made the right decision and did it on his own.
Yeah, I would have thought he'd realized already from his face-to-face with the Governor that giving up Michonne would change nothing.

trekkiebaggio wrote: View Post
I was thinking it might be more interesting to keep the Governor alive. How would you handle someone like that, imprison them? Execute them? Exile?
Terminate with the most extreme prejudice imaginable! Shane was considered too dangerous to live.... and he hadn't committed anywhere close to the kinds of atrocities that the Governor has without even blinking. As long as the Governor lives, even if he is in captivity there is always the threat of his escaping and causing more harm to other people. This isn't like chasing Saddam Hussein out of town and then, out of sheer dumb luck, finding him hiding in a foxhole out in the middle of nowhere some weeks later.

I'm talking about capturing and disarming him (literally, with Michonne's kitana) and then feeding him to the walkers. Don't even bother putting a bullet in his head. That's far too merciful for him. Just stand back and let him scream as the walkers tear the flesh off his bones. Then maybe, if there's enough of his brains left to trigger reanimation, you let Glenn or Daryl turn on their hardcore mode and smash the Governor's skull in.
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