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Excelsior audio drama lands TNG guest star

The long-running audio drama "Star Trek: Excelsior" has scored a major casting coup. Executive Producer James Heaney announced that Ursaline Bryant will reprise her role as Captain Tryla Scott from the TNG Episode "Conspiracy" in the upcoming season finale "The Graceful End".

The episode is currently in post-production with a target release date not yet determined, but I can say speaking for myself that having Ms. Bryant as a part of our cast is something that is very exciting and kudos should be extended to James for, first, having the audacity to think that such an accomplished actor would be interested in making in appearance in our show and then doing the hard work to make sure that it happened.

If you ever wondered what became of the villains from "Conspiracy" James has come up with a scenario that is both chilling and highly entertaining. If you're not familiar with Star Trek: Excelsior, please check us out on iTunes or at our website which has all of our episodes available for streaming or downloading. Hopefully, by the time you've finished all that material, "The Graceful End" will be ready to wrap up this season's story arc.

As co-producer I'm delighted this has happened, but make no mistake about this feather in the cap belongs solely to James!
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