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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Babble, as in a play on techno-babble. Or I'm missing an incredibly funny pun here, in which case I'm sorry.

The 37's

A nice episode that finally has the crew solidified about going home. I do remember a TNG episode about people from the 20th century being frozen too. Thankfully this does it quite differently.

My first thought of this episode was that I'd have made it a new model car from 1995, just for a little bit more of wow factor. But then I'm a petrol head, and I'm ignoring what the entire episode is about. I just think it would be far more awesome to see a car that might be sitting on your driveway floating in space.

But ooo Voyager lands. That's pretty damn cool. I'd totally forgotten the Interpid class could do that. Would have liked a few more SFX shots , but I guess that's budget constraints.

The one thing I found confusing when they found the plane was the complete disregard of Paris' knowledge after they've dealt with the car. Yes, it might only be cars, but surely you'd call for him to have a look for any quick recognition.

It also feels odd that we never see the colony. Even just a city shot while Janeway gives her Captain's Log speech about it being amazing would have done.

During the conversation with Janeway and Chakotay about staying or not, one thing never enters into conversation "what about the alien crew members?" While this offers the perfect opportunity to humans, and some of the aliens may be okay with the idea of staying, it's making a few assumptions. Can you imagine someone like Chell being the only Bolian on the planet? I realise it might not be that different to life on the ship this would be asking him to settle? That's a bit much.

Okay, so this one I'm mostly nitpicking. I don't know why, lots of little mistakes that bugged me I guess. It was a decent episode, but I think a few little changes could have elevated it a bit further.
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