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...The corny dialogue, effects, and some wooden acting (among other things) made it hard for me to enjoy...
I'm sorry if it seems like I'm keying in on a small part of your post, but what was corny. What acting was wooden? Can you specify only so that I might understand.

If a criticism towards the acting is usually voiced, it's usually the opposite of wooden, i.e. overacting.

And the effects were what they were. The story always trumps effects IMO, but I know many people don't feel that way. I am willing to watch toys on highly visible wires as long as the story about it is good. That can be too jarring for some and they don't want to see the story anymore. Then there's the other end of the spectrum and the effects are incredible and wonderful and amazing and the story seems like it was written by a committee of third graders.

Certain words like "corney" might have a different meaning for some people than others. It's not a well defined word being that it's used to express an opinon, so one person's corney could be another's not corney.

Otherwise, I'm happy you're enjoying it, it's a great show IMO and if it seems cliche, it's usually because they have been copied so many times by others since then.
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