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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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The two hottest people on VOY needed to end up in bed.
Neelix/Samantha Wildman?
Harry/Rosie Palm and her five daughters?
Hey Melakon, nice to see you here again!

Janeway and 7 of course

But apparently final frontiers are only about the edge of the galaxy. As I said, so far behind.
I like reading some Janeway/7 in fanfic, but they would have never taken that leap on the show! If they won't even have a good steamy love scene between already-established couples, they certainly weren't about to go that far. It would have been a better ending for me than C/7 though. If they really did put J/7 together...I would have been like, alright they already cared a great deal about one another and in the episode when Seven's cortical implant was failing, she actually suggested killing a drone to save her. And then in Endgame, she pretty much went back just so Seven wouldn't die. There were definitely feelings there. Romantic? I don't think. But you never know.

I agree they never show any kind of real relationship issues or a good hot, steamy love scene haha. Everything is just like "Oh they're together now. Oh look now they have a kid. Oh boo hoo they had a fight. Oh wait they're back together now!"

Robert Beltran said something about how the producers thought it would be thrilling that Janeway and Chakotay 'touch hands' in "Resolutions". Star Trek romance is not romance haha. It's a tad better than Law & Order where they try to avoid it altogether between MAIN characters, but Star Trek has couples! And they still don't do much with them.
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