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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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I'm fairly certain that the actors were able to do that because the A-frame was "wilded" over to where the shuttlebay set was located - there's certainly no way it could fit in Stage 8 with regard to where the A-frames are usually located. Without the usual constraints of the corridor walls, the actors could enter in from anywhere they pleased!

It also shows us which A-frame was used, since the one by the Transporter Room ( has a red alert panel to the left (as you look at it). The one in JTB ( is more likely the one opposite Engineering, near the Sickbay lab.
I'm not sure which A-frame is the one actually used in "Journey to Babel" (notice the angle of the frame "curtain") but it definitely is not the same A-frame as the one in "The Immunity Syndrome".


P.S. I still consider this to be one and the same corridor. Maybe the frame curtain is a radiation filter that got exchanged between the two episodes.
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