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Re: Plinkett's Star Trek V Audio Commentary

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I don't like the humor in it. From Yosemite to "Please, Captain, not infront of the Klingons."
Have to agree. The humor was mandated by the studio after Trek IV proved to be so successful, but I think TFF would have benefited from a more serious take.

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I like the idea of someone seeing God in their own image, especially around the time of the rise of the televangelist. I the scene reviewing Spock and Bones' pain. I like hearing about who Sybok is, how somber Spock is in that scene. I don't like all the humor, especially on Nimbus III. It just makes it seem like Sybok isn't all that threatening. It makes fun of trying to make peace, instead of simply showing its failure to do so on Nimbus III. There's a levity to the performance of Sybok, he's not obsessed. He's at peace. That's good for portions of his performance, but I think it would've been better if we saw a bit of the dark side of him as well. He's too likable.
Shatner's original brief was to as you say make Sybok a 'televangelist' type, somebody who manages to convince otherwise rational people to follow him. I think it might have been more interesting to play that for real, instead of giving him some mystical power that lets him release a person's inner pain. It might have been more real to have seen Sybok charm his way across the galaxy, manage to convince (with words) people to his cause simply through his own belief. It would have made him a more powerful (and tragic) character. Kudos goes to Lawrence Luckinbill, who does a terrific job playing Sybok. But the character as written is a bit half-baked.
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