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Re: Best and worst ship/base assignments?

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I was thinking about this when I was watching a recent TNG episode, about how the Enterprise was the "best assignment possible".

So if the Enterprise was the best assignment for a starfleet officer, what would be the worst, and what would be other "good" assignments?

I would imagine any "explorer" type mission would be highly coveted. Conversely, any deep space station mission (a la DS9) may not be as highly coveted, or perhaps stuck on Spacedock.

I use the TNG/DS9/Voy timeframe for this.
According to the novel Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony the icy Delta Vega in the Vulcan system is still a shitty assignment in the 24th century. An Enterprise-E security officer mentions having spent months there.

I'd love to watch the occasional giant monster roaming by from the base windows. That'd keep me entertained for the first week, at least.

Worst of the bad assignments: DS9 waste extraction. Sewers full of multispecies poop. Ewwwww.
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