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Re: Exeter Patch

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A previous discussion revealed that the original intent was for everyone to use the delta, but somehow wires got crossed and someone approved different patches for different ships. I think TNG returned to the original idea.
Well, it may be a subtle distinction, but it doesn't appear to be the case that "someone approved" the idea of ship-specific patches; it appears to be more the case that no one approved that idea.

Capsule summary is here:
Why'd you point to the New Voyages site when that piece is just cribbing from my and Harvey's posts here?
I hope you noticed the "Hat tip to Harvey and Maurice at the TrekBBS for unearthing this" comment.

Actually, I did vascillate a bit on where I should point all the thousands of people who would be reading that post: should a link point to the Phase II website, or should it point to the original TrekBBS conversation? (You can see the one I chose.)

Although I didn't think too much about it, I think the one I chose won out because the Phase II link:
  • Had the enormous added value of the pictures
  • It had the virtue of being "encapsulated" so people wouldn't have to read through a whole TrekBBS thread
  • I have control over the Phase II web page content and can update it with new information as it becomes available; that is, I can keep the link current but I can't with a TrekBBS link
  • I knew the URL for the Phase II page; I would have had to dredge up the proper referent to the TrekBBS discussion

I guess that's pretty much it. In the end, it just seemed microscopically more advantageous in the long run. But what I will probably do, is update our web page with appropriate Chicago Manual of Style citation to the TrekBBS discussion.
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