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Re: Next Microsoft OS "Windows Blue" leaked online

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I feel like I should buy a new laptop while I can still get Windows 7
Good luck. I bought a new laptop at Best Buy in November, and it came with Windows 8.

Unless you're talking about removing Win8 and installing Win7 in its place... in which case, have at it.
Yep. Good luck, though. Without Windows 8 Pro, you won't have downgrade rights, which means you'll be on your own. That and a lot of laptop manufacturers are making deals with Windows on 8, where the hardware is certified for 8 but not for 7, as they look down on downgrading, so no one is guaranteeing it won't create a giant clusterfuck when you try.

I've done a couple of downgrades, and they're not too difficult, but they can be a pain in the ass if the drivers refuse to work on Windows 7. Then you have to go searching for compatible drivers, which can be time consuming. Still, it's better than Windows 8. I've set up a few new laptops running Windows 8, and I'd rather gnaw my own arm off than deal with that again.
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