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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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Seven/Chakotay sucked because it pissed off THREE groups of shippers.

Yes...this is true.

Still the most angry, I believe, were the J/C shippers. We are hardcore about it.

Also...I just don't GET Janeway/7. I understand Janeway and Seven had a special bond...but Janeway was clearly not a lesbian (no jokes about this please...). And I know that in the fanfiction world, you can get away with making slash fics (I do it myself) even though in canon the characters aren't gay or whatever...but seriously...did they expect J/7 to ACTUALLY happen on the show? At least J/C was POSSIBLE for them to do in canon, on air, in the show, and manage to make a lot of viewers happy! I know not everyone wanted them to be together, but I think you either have the hardcore J/Cers and then the apathetic types who don't really care who's going with who. Is there anyone out there who could honestly say that there was 0 potential for that relationship (besides just your plain old VOY or Chakotay hater)? At least not only did some people WANT it, but it was POSSIBLE to do. And not only was it possible, but the two characters had openly admitted they care for each other numerous times, they had those weird candlelight dinners that were supposedly to discuss "ship matters"...but there was always wine and candlelight...and then whenever either of them was in sickbay, the other was ALWAYS right there, touching the other. I mean...there was history, there was potential! And Chakotay was the only person on that ship (besides the occasional Q) who was allowed to call her Kathryn without getting yelled at.

7/Doc was possible too (love their banter and their singing together and just all the scenes those two were in). They share the same intelligence, both are not entirely human, but still human enough (the Doc human in spirit, not in biology hehe) and both have the capability of being totally sarcastic and snarky. I love Doc/7. But I do not believe they would have ever made it realized on the show because the whole point of having Seven on the show was for her to experience humanity. And to do so with a hologram (albeit he is the best hologram...ever) would kind of defeat that point.

I am a Doc/7 fan, but for the show's purposes and Seven's character arc, it kind of wouldn't have worked. In the fanfiction universe, that ship!
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