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Finally got around to trying gods and kings. I like it. I got the Koreans as my random race and so far I haven't lost with them. Just min maxing wonder/science and out tech-ing people while using their early hwacha artillery unit to hold off invasion has been able to win me every game by the industrial era. I even had the three other countries on my continent declare war at the same time, but by then I had the hwacha killing everything before they could do any real damage. Then I was able to hold on like this till I had infantry that could destroy their horseback units. Not to mention all the benefits I was getting from piling on wonders. It seems almost overpowered to give an additional science boost for every built wonder and science building, plus bonus science from great person structures considering these all already come with pretty good benefits. Their bonus unit also comes right at the time you're trying to pull away from everyone else so the slight advantage is enough.
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