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Re: "the chase" Reprucussions

I have nothing but respect for people who believe in a higher power, so I'm not going to attack anyone or call them stupid, because I do not believe they are.

However, the contention that evolution is based on assumptions and not supported by evidence is purely untrue. The fact that evolution is an ongoing process of change is not scientifically up for dispute, otherwise you should have faith that you will never need another flu vaccine. Species continually adapt to be able to survive better, that is thoroughly proven. The extension that life arose by chance through that same process? I suppose to obtain 'Hard evidence' of that you would need to first find a planet that was exactly like early Earth then wait a few billion years and see if intelligent life evolved. But there is scientific proof that the conditions of early Earth lead to basic amino acids and phospholipids forming by themselves. There is ample solid scientific reasoning that life could arise by itself and that simple life forms could evolve into complex life forms. That is not assumption or being guided by one's emotions, that is inductive reasoning from observation.

I do not believe in a higher power, but I suppose if a higher power did exist, it would logically follow that it is capable of intelligently designing mankind. And yes, I can not explain why I experience consciousness if that consciousness is only the result of chemical reactions.

Anyway, I say teach evolution in school and creationism in Sunday School. And in general, just don't be a dick to people who disagree with you.
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