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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

I like to sing song covers and make music videos to post them on youtube because just audio and a picture seems like it's too simple. When I do song covers I envision things and like to try and make my videos match my vision.

I must have some weird gift, because most of the videos come out great without a lot of messing about with sets and camera angles to get what I want. 99% of the time I just set up and it comes out how I want, and extra effects are just there for artistic reasons.

I have a Sony Bloggie and an Olympus digital camera, which is mostly for still pictures but can take short, silent videos too. (Sorry for the lack of techie stuff ^^; ). The Bloggie lets me shoot HD(though I rarely use it in music videos) and does have sound.

First and foremost: When I do my song covers, I record the vocal track first and sing along/lip sync(if it's really really high pitched) for the actual shoot and dub the recorded track in during editing. I don't have a recording studio, so I just run my Bloggie, play the track I'm singing to on headphones, record in my garage and then put the music and my voice(with the proper reverb/echo effects I want) together on my comp. That gets added to the music video in editing.

In this video where I covered "Deliver Me" I did so much to get it set up! It's the most "set uppy" video I've ever shot.

To get that video, I lit my bedroom curtains with a huge craft light my mom keeps in the garage. It's like a big neon light you can bend on its stand so it'll point wherever you want.

I set the Olympus camera up and hooked it up to my TV. Then I got in front of the camera and did a few takes of me in closeups, of me further back and of my hands.

I put the Bloggie in front of my TV and recorded the takes off the TV screen.

I stuffed everything onto my computer where I have MoviePlus(poor man's Sony Vegas) and that's when I noticed some flickering on the TV caused by the camera--no idea why it happened. I got concerned about that causing seizures since the curtains behind me are bright blood red, so I took a footage of static on my TV screen and edited that into a few places where the flickering was bad and it made it look like the signal of the viewer watching the TV screen is trying to break up. It turned out to be a real cool effect, so I put it in the beginning and end of my video too!

Then it became a matter of which shots to use during which parts of the song. I deliberately set out to give the video sort of an 80's glam vibe.

I recommend craft lights...they might be good lights or serve as fill lights in a pinch. The one my mom has wasn't that expensive. I think it was like 50 bucks.

Other videos where I used the craft light:

"Walking in the Air"
"Pie Jesu"

There are two where my only light is one candle:

"Paint the Sky With Stars"
"Candle on the Water"

My thought: Be daring with the lights.
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