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James T. Vader
Re: First time watching DS9.

I’ve given this a lot of thought and came to one conclusion. DS9 is not only my favorite Trek series but I think it is my favorite television series of all time. No show has affected me the way this show has. The fact that I unapologetically wept during the series finale reminds me that this show was the best possible show I could have been addicted to during my teenage years.

I would give anything to see DS9 again for the first time. It’s such a rich, multilayered tapestry and character growth, action, and everything Star Trek should have been. Instead of a fluffy 1980’s politically correct group of explorers aboard an intergalactic cruise ship with a therapist at the left hand of the captain, DS9 starts off with a bang, the unseen massacre at Wolf 359. From the opening moments of the series, we know that this Trek is going to be unlike what came before. A dark gritty unapologetic glimpse into what the Trek universe is really like, not the idealistic paradise that Rodenberry envisioned.

With DS9, you’ve got an ensemble cast at the highest level of the business. And you know what makes it work? They broke Roddenberry Rule #1: There should be no conflict among the crew. From the very first meeting between Sisko and Kira we know that this is not going to be an easy assignment, or a cordial relationship, and that hostility will stick around
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