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Re: Could the Dominion War have been avoided?

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No. The Founders were already preparing to take on the Federation in ~70 years time and without Odo, there was no dissenting perspective to their (apparently) species wide xenophobia and paranoia.
I don't recall this, is it canon?
The Founders mention that they weren't expecting the Federation for around another 70 years in The Search, Part II.

As for the Founders being paranoid xenophobes, just watch any episode featuring them after The Search and before the series finale.
It isn't canon. What you are probably remembering is that the Founders didn't expect Odo back for something like 300 years. The idea that the Dominion knew about the Federation prior to the wormhole and expected to contact them much later then they did was an idea that never made it to the screen

This is from MA:

One idea that the writers had that was never actively utilized on-screen was that the Dominion knew about the Federation long before the Bajoran wormhole was discovered, and that they were developing a long-term strategy to deal with the inevitable contact. As Wolfe explains, "The Dominion knew the Federation was out there long before the wormhole was opened, and they had plans to deal with the Federation when the Federation was projected to enter their space in two hundred years, and they were building slowly towards that, that's why they sent out Odo in the first place. But then the wormhole opens up and suddenly the Federation is in their backyard today and it just throws everything into question for both the Federation and the Dominion." (The Birth of the Dominion and Beyond, DS9 Season 3 DVD special features)
Given we saw a Federation probe deep in the Delta Quadrant and what happened to the likes of Voyager it isn't hard to believe that a piece of Federation found its way to the Dominion.

As for the war, it was avoidable at least for the medium term by collapsing the wormhole. The Federation did try but they were sabotaged. Not using the wormhole wouldn't have prevented the war. Really if the Dominion was serious about that threat they would have actively blockaded the wormhole instead of doing nothing.
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