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Re: Why does Enterprise get so much flak?

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Enterprise was at least average for modern Trek, and a lot of it was pretty good. I like TOS, TNG and Enterprise better than the other shows.
I think the biggest stumbling block for me was that seasons one and two Archer seemed to be completely wrong for the job. Not because he made mistakes but because he made some blunders that just defied basic safety.

"Oh the Vulcan said I should scan the surface before going down with my people. Well fuck her. What the hell does she know?"
Yeah, and back in 87-88 fans complained that Picard was a surrender monkey. One of the more feeble defenses of Enterprise back in the day, in fact, was to point out how much complaining was done about both TNG and DS9 during their first couple of years. No, you can't defend a show's shortcomings on the grounds that other shows have also stumbled but, like I said, Enterprise was pretty normal for modern Trek.
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