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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

Good Digital Bits review:

Wait. They wanted to use U2's "Beautiful Day" as the theme song? Didn't know that. It was massive and everywhere at the time.

Another example of the slightly schizophrenic nature of Enterprise. You shake it up by going for a title sequence with a pop song... like CSI, like Scrubs, like *ugh* Dawson's Creek. But they don't follow through with that thinking (for better or worse), by making the whole soundtrack unlike any Star Trek that came before. Instead one foot is kept in the past, by still very much sticking with the house-style of full orchestral playing future classical, that had remained since TNG quit experimenting with electronic.

Having said that, every so often that one episode really does stands out, or there's a punch the air moment which helps the story be memorable. Even Con Air spoof "Canamar" has that. Although it's debatable whether it deserves to sound quite that epic!
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