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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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4x10-Point of No Return: What I liked here was it turned the idea of this rather predictable plot on it's head a bit. Martin is actually an alien whose forgotten the finer points of that. He's also a deserter from a civil war along with some fellow escapees. Apparently during their crash though Martin was injured in a way that he suffered some amnesia and couldn't be kept with his fellow escapees. That part seemed to allude an answer imo, why couldn't they keep him with them? We found out virtually nothing about them. They didn't seem to respond to the revelation of Teal'c being a Gou'ald, they just noticed he wasn't human also. So a race capable of interstellar flight, not aware of the Gou'ald? Interesting?
Martin didnt get amnesia form the crash. He felt guilty about deserting his people and wanted to go back. The others were scared of the consequences if he did succeed in going home so started administering regular doses of amnesia pills. They had to maintain their distance in case their familiar faces triggered his proper memories to return
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