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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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5x3-Ascension: As a fan of the Young Indy Chronicles it was nice to see Sean Patrick Flannery with a key role. Also, the alum from ST:TNG continues as John DeLancie shows up as a mysterious Colonel taking orders from unseen places. SPF is an alien who as ascended beyond the physical plane but he reveals he's an exile of his kind for using his powers to interfere with other less evolved races. He's fallen in love with Carter and retakes physical form thus giving up his powers. I'd like to think his character might come back, maybe even his race. The Ancients are clearly not the only powerful aliens out there but this races "Prime Directive" makes it less likely they'll help vs the Gou'ald and other threats. I liked the casting here more than the actual story so I grade it on a curve as above average.
Did you mean the Asgard when you refer to the Ancients or where you referring to the actual Ancients who built the gate system? I only ask because you seem to have been referring to the Asgards as the Ancients for the past couple pages and its usually obvious that you mean the Asgard but here its more ambiguous.

Also this guys race has already appeared in a previous episode care to guess which one?
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