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Re: Was ANYTHING retained when the Enterprise was refit?

David Shaw, I think, did a study in 2007 comparing the TOS/TMP Enterprises and how one could have flowed into the other. His conclusions (which I've boiled down) were:

"In 1978, there were NO accurate plans [of the TOS Enterprise] on hand when the movie version was being designed...the designers [Andrew Probert & Co.] started with Matt Jefferies' Phase II plans. The Phase II Enterprise was supposed to be a slightly upgraded version of the starship we saw in TOS, [but the designers inadvertently] further exaggerated [basic structural] changes that [Jefferies himself made, and] thought would be unnoticeable in the Phase II Enterprise [since most of the exterior details would be the same].
"So yes, the TMP Enterprise IS a refit/upgrade of the TOS Enterprise - but the production designers didn't START with the Enterprise we saw in TOS. The end result is that when the TMP Enterprise is held up alongside the TOS Enterprise, we see no clear-cut upgrade from one to the other. But when Jefferies' Phase II changes [to the TOS ship's basic lines before anything was 'upgraded'] are taken into account, the upgrade path becomes quite clear."
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