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Yeah i'm trying to decide which cover to get for Death's Angel
The Classic Reaper cover or The Kirk vs Redshirt
That looks like it's meant to be Scotty, since he's using some kind of tool. I can't tell what the cover has to do with the book, though. The original cover is much more fitting.

The Second batch has arrived
I hate that Galactic Whirlpool cover. It depicts Katwen as a pale blonde even though the novel clearly states that her skin is "a deep chocolate color." Which seems to be a perennial problem for David Gerrold, since the African-American lead characters in his Dingilliad trilogy were rendered as white on all three covers, even though you'd think someone would've pointed out the mistake by the time the second one came along.

Also, why the heck is there a Klingon ship on the monitor? The Klingons aren't involved in the story except for passing references at the start and end (which, come to think of it, must be meant as foreshadowing for "The Trouble With Tribbles," to which Gerrold reportedly intended this book to be an immediate prequel).

In fact, the only decent cover in that lot is the Spock Must Die! one. The creature on the World Without End cover is far more humanoid than the Chatalians, and that archway makes it look like it's about to step aside and show off the next Showcase on The Price is Right. And the other two are just generic, far too bland for the books they contain.
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