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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

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One of the things I don't like in dialogue scenes are medium two-shots where you see both actors in complete profile. It's just not possible to read the full performance from an actor in profile.
What you're referring to is "intimacy" and it's why the angle generally tends to get closer to face-on the closer the camera gets.

That's why stage actors always skew their posture towards the audience.
Known as "cheating", as in "cheat your gaze a little to the right."

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Well, Hitchcock's two-shot is designed to create a feeling in the viewer using the positioning of the camera. He doesn't place the camera where the viewer wants to go, he places the camera where HE wants the viewer to go. There are all kinds of subtleties when using cinematography to create mood and tone, and Hitchcock is literally a master of this.
Yep. He knows what he wants you to see and what he wants you to focus on. There's some great examples of what seems counter-intuitive camera work in Dial M for Murder where he puts objects in the foreground so that they appears to be between the characters further away, creating this weird sense of separation and of people having something to hide. It's really apparent when you see the film in 3D as it was intended.
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