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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Do men see hairless women as prepubescent, in a way?
Yes, exactly. That's the main reason it creeps me out.
Its better than having a stray hair in the back of your throat while you're taking care of business. It kinda takes you out of the moment.
I'v just never liked hairy women. Has nothing whatsoever to do with thinking they look prepubecent. Probably has more to do with it (hairlessness) NOT looking masculine. Hair reminds me of dudes -- don't know why, it just does.

Great episode. Michonne finally got to Merle.

Seeing his brother as a walker had to be ten times worse for Daryl than just seeing Merle's dead body.

I had completely zoned out on David Morrisey being "the next Doctor". On "Talking Dead", he actually appeared to be attempting to present the Gov as a sympathetic character. Unfortunately, his portrayal has been so good that it is really hard to sympathize with the character even though we know he is as much a victim of this world as everyone else is.

Looking forward to the Battle Royale next week.
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