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Re: F1 2013 Championship

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what no vettel-hate from gecko yet? i suppose you can't accuse him of being spoilt and only able to win from the front anymore if he ignores team orders and makes a hell of a crazy pass for the lead.
A crazy SURPRISE (okay that's not a good excuse for people with quick reactions like racing drivers, but Webber had been told repeatedly that he would not be challenged by Vettel and they had been told before the race to drive in formation after the final stop) pass against someone with their engine turned right down. Yeah, what a real racer...

Not only does he weave around at the end as if he's happy about winning, but he lies through his teeth about doing anything at all when he's on the podium, and then changes his mind about it in the press conference and pretends to apologise (most likely because he had read some of the things the interwebs media were posting about him). No balls whatsoever (otherwise he would have at least admitted what he was trying to do instead of bullshitting about it multiple times to various different tunes).

If he's going to be a prick, he should at least be up front about it.
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