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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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A lot of people overlook owning the prison as their best asset. By the look of the finale teaser, Woodbury's militia moves on the prison in force. Frankly, that's a passion play by the Gov. who is pissed & now probably more so after the Merle stunt, & the whole group is overconfident. The smart move would be to station Woodbury people outside the prison perimeter, & execute supply parties. Deplete their group a few at a time, & starve the rest out, the way Merle had mentioned. Hell, it wouldn't even take long, because they have less than a dozen people there

But that's not what they're doing. They appear to be storming the castle, busting down the gate with a vehicle & having what looked like the whole of their infantry follow behind. They are engaging the enemy on enemy turf. That asset is more valuable in the conflict than anything else. They're stupid for doing it. If you own the territory, then you have the advantage, as long as you make use of that. Hell, the idiot blonde kid in Home Alone figured that out, & he only had marbles & paint cans & shit

I'm joking a bit there. lol
The point is, on prison grounds, they can booby trap, cut off & trap groups once they split up, hand pick the best vantage points, & set up a safe zone that is better secured than anything they could manage back in the wild, to hold that baby. Sure humans survived millenia with babies in tow, but this group, in their current state & circumstance can't handle keeping that baby alive without the safety of somewhere like the prison. Will they stay there forever? Certainly not, but they NEED it now

They OWN it. The only real damage a guerrilla group can sustain is the complete loss of it by damage, as in the Gov. just burns the place to the ground, which may be the case ultimately, but it still won't be enough to keep his militia from being fish in a barrel for a handful of people ready for them

It's a tv show. Woodbury's people are the largest number BECAUSE they will be the biggest losses. When the bodies start hitting the ground, we only have like 10 to spare. Maybe we lose one or two, but Woodbury will lose MANY if not everyone one

Expect there to be surprise attacks on the Woodbury dumbasses
This. I forsee the prison being the reverse of a Trojan Horse. Maybe I'm envisioning things that don't exist. In that clip of them storming the castle there are no walkers anywhere. That is odd for this series who place walkers in the background everywhere and its so odd because even our hero's don't care about them unless they get close. To not see them then at that point in time seems important to me. So where are they?

I say they are in the castle waiting for The Governors troops to enter the castle. And BOOM! They have Walkers to content with booby traps, etc. Clearly something else is going on at Woodbury at the time the actor who plays the governor says as much.

My guess still is that Rick is assaulting Woodbury while the governor is at a walker infested prison.
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