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Re: Villains, Always With The Villains

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What works on TV doesn't always work with movies. The kind of plots Trek does with its movies generally do require villains.
Exactly. If Hollywood can't manage a ST movie without it requiring Super Evil Villains and kewl space battle climax for every entry, maybe ST shouldn't be in the cinema. Maybe it should remain a television production.

At this point, ST is becoming generic action sci-fi with space battles and evil villains and ST was never about that.
I thought that is exactly what Trek was and is about. It can have more, but it starts there.

Anyway, how could it "remain" a tv production when there hasn't been a Trek show on for years? Trek isn't more of one kind of media than another. It has been and can be everything - literature, games, films, tv. But it can't always be all of them simultaneously. Trek will remain a film franchise for the foreseeable future. If the films tank, don't count on new tv productions.
With all the various media, ST can be all the things it does well... adventure stories, human drama, future explorations, morality plays, character pieces, and yes, space battles with bad guys.

But it seems the movies can only show this one minor aspect of ST, space battles with evil villains. What about exploring the human condition? Exploring strange new worlds? Can ST no longer go where no one has gone before and must instead be about fighting evil villains with kewl explosions every time?
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