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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I have not read the comics, but I did read their summaries the other day and focused on how it is different than the tv show. It seems to be certainly telling a very similar story but with different elemental in a different order.

Perhaps the best question of the finale isn't who will die but where they will go from here. In the finale for the second season the camera panned over the prison so its important to figure out where our team hasn't been yet.

For me, the most local choice is to focus on Woodbuy and Rick's team taking over the town and do the story line like the Alexandria Safe Zone with Woodbury taking the spot of Alexandria. I don't see them traveling to DC as they already covered some/most of that material with the CDC. and with the order of the Hershal farm all messed up staying in Woodbury seems the best choice to me.

Thus Rick's group figuring out how to trick the Governor out of it seems paramount for the ending.
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