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Re: Next Microsoft OS "Windows Blue" leaked online

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Microsoft: taking their best OS ever, and abandoning it for a completely shit business strategy.

Windows 7, cold dead hands, yada yada.
MS Exec:"Sweet Zombie Jesus! Windows 7 is the best selling OS since Windows XP!"
MS Project Leader: "Ooh, yeah, I know. Sorry about that. Don't worry, we'll fuck it up real good next time."

- Two years later -

MS Exec: "Incredible! Windows 8 is barely selling, and many users are angry because they still use desktops as their primary PC."
MS Project Leader: "You think that's great? We're adding more features that are useless to desktop PCs! This next OS will probably sell even less than Windows 8!"
MS Exec: "I love it! Son, you're going to go far!"

Pingfah wrote: View Post
That is a terrible name. That just makes me think of blue screen of death. A whole operating system based around the BSOD.
It makes me think of Pepsi Blue.
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