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Well, when I started registration I was at S04E04, but now I'm halfway through season 4. Yet I still want to discuss episode 4.

I'm still convinced that the Kradin aren't the good guys the show claims...
It's war. Contrary to populair believe, there are no good guys in a war. Horrors are commited by both sides, and what can look like the 'good guy' can be something completely different. THAT'S the general idea behind this episode.

there are no good guys in war? Tell that to Blacks liberated by Union soldiers, or concentration camp prisoners liberated by Allied armies. "Both sides do bad things" isn't equal to "there are no good guys in war."
No good guys actually, maybe more evil and less evil.

General Sherman would probably have been labeled as a war criminal after scorching Georgia and South Carolina, if that had happened today.

As for the Allies, there were atrocities against the German population during the war, the meaningless destruction of Dresden for example. Not to mention the genocide committed by the Soviets in the eastern parts of Germany in 1944-45.

War brings out the worst of all people involved.

teacake wrote:
eh, once you start bombing weapons depots and blowing up ships as an independent group and not at the behest of your government someone is going to call you a terrorist. I am a Maquis sympathizer but they were not a peace movement.

I would have liked to have seen a Chakotay who was not a mean and violent person (which we did see) who was also driven to choices that tormented him in order to defend a cause he believed in (which we didn't see). Could have been great stuff.
I agree that the Maquis weren't a peace movement.

But I don't see them as terrorists either.

Al Qaeeda are terrorists, the Baader-Meinhof RAF in Germany in the 70:s were terrorists, IRA can be labeled as terrorists and if we stick to Star trek, the Ansata Movement can also be labeled as terrorists. They all attacked and murder innocent civilians.

While the Polish resistance movement Armia Krajowa (Home Army) and the French resistance movement in WWII (the original Maquis) can be labeled as freedom fighters because they attacked military targets.

There were a small Communist group in Poland during WWII called Armia Ludowa (People's Army). They can be labeled as terrorists because they attacked civilian Germans in order to provoke even more brutal retaliation from the Germans against the Polish population. by doing so, they expected that the Poles in their hatred against the occupiers should start to support the People's Army. That failed because the Home Army had the most support from the Poles.

As for Chakotay, I don' think a Chakotay tormented by sins in his past would have been a better Chakotay than the one we saw in the series.
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