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I've now seen 13 episodes. It's a good show. So far, it's better than Enterprise's first season. I already love Odo, Quark, Bashir...added to my already existing love for O'Brien and Miss Farrell. I like Kira and I've learned to tolerate Sisko. The main guy is still as wooden as ever though. His scenes with Jake are the worst. I hate it when the show focuses on them.
The Quark-Odo dynamic is hilarious. I hope they continue in that vein.
I am going to be brutally honest, AGAIN. I love DS9. I have just started re-watching the series' in order from the start. Avery Brooks' acting does get better as the season unfolds. My two-cents on this:

Mr. Brooks was a drama teacher at an ivy-league school and a "serious" actor when he first came onboard DS9 - a syndicated sci-fi series. I think there was a touch of believing he was above the material, as well as, a lack of understanding and identification outside the Ben-Jake Sisko relationship. Part of what I think we see in "Sisko" is Avery Brooks gaining an understanding and appreciation for the material beyond that father-son dynamic.
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