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Re: Old Treklit vs. new Treklit.

I just want to ditto what Christoper said. I've never understood why some people feel they need to be on the ground floor of something like a TV show or other fictional franchise. I find more than half the fun when I start something that's been going on for a while is going back and seeing how it started after I'm already familiar with the story and characters.

I started reading each TOS book when it came out from about #55 Renegade to #84 Assignment: Eternity, I also went back and read most of the older ones Wounded Sky and Final Reflection being my favorites. To me at that point (I thought it was mostly me since I went from 12 to 19 during that stretch) I thought they had lost a step and had other interests. I came back for the DS9 relaunch but missed out on some of the later ones. I'm back full time now because of Titan and the Destiny-Typhon Pact megaseries. I'm having fun going back and reading some of the stuff I missed that was important for some of the characters I've been following of late. The best example is Christine Vale, I had no idea who she was before Titan but now I'm reading the A Time To... series and getting her back story has been fun. I guess I would be in the crowd that Trek books took a hit in quality in the late 90s but have come back.
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