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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I'm thinking that Daryl will find and rescue Andrea, and that the both of them will help turn the tide when it looks like our heroes are about to be wiped out.
I agree about Daryl rescuing Andrea, but I still feel they will see flames at the prison, assume the worst, and flee for their lives.

I think we'll lose AT LEAST Beth and Hershel from the prison group.
I can see Herschel sacrificing himself if he thinks his daughters can be protected in a way he has not been able to since the farm days.

Beth deserves a break; she's always marked as the weak link, but a nice surprise would be her building on the steely, no nonsense way she ended the fight between Glenn & Merle.

The least likely would seem to be Carol... which for all we know makes her the prime candidate.
She was the one who gave Andrea the plan to kill the governor in bed, so she is hard enough to finish him off. I just hope she does not give up on life after thinking she's helped her friends live for another day.

Hell, even Milton, now that he seems to be growing at least a fraction of a spine, could be the one. Tyrese and his sister could also be added to the list once they wake the fuck up.
Tyrese's sister has a couple of choices: in the chaos of the attack, leave with Andrea (assuming she escapes, and does not think she can create a new community), or feel she does not know which side to trust.

Maybe Martinez will return to victimize Andrea, only to run into Daryl, and the little bromance shared two episodes ago will go up in flames for a final showdown.
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